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Daily Pricing Acknowledgement & Confidentiality Agreement (ENGLISH)

I, (me), employee of (company) fully understand that the daily pricing email (DPE) is a service that my CFN card provider Lakeview Petroleum practices with the objective of informing me of the CFN base pricing (OPIS based), meaning my CFN provides cost.

The DPE is a daily practice by my CFN card issuer which purposes are transparency in pricing, and a form or proactive daily communication.

The DPE service allows me to easily estimate the price per gallon that my company pays for the fuel consumed on the day indicated within the DPE.


The DPE currently contains 10 header columns, this is the header column breakdown:

Regular Unleaded Fuel in San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2
Los Angeles, CA · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2
Calexico, CA · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2
Bakersfield, CA · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2
Clackamas, OR · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2
Monroe, WA · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2
Phoenix, AZ · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2
Carson City, NV · ULSD – Clear Diesel #2

Above the header columns there is a table indicating haul rates, and how the haul rates are calculated by CFN, based on distance from the nearest fuel rack/fuel deposit.

Below the header columns, we show the date and the CFN base price per gallon. And below the prices we provide the email and its contents non-disclosure, privileged information and confidentiality statement.


I am writing and signing my name as a representative of my company and I am fully aware that the information provided to me in the form of the DPE is exclusive, privileged, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. We, the CFN card provider, reserves the right to terminate the DPE service without notice.

The DPE is to be used only by the person signing their name on this DPE acknowledgement. Any disclosure, copying, distribution, email forwarding, photocopy, xerox copy, or verbal made is strictly prohibited and unlawful.

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